Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 Hacked-Homebrew Switch with Atmosphere 0.9.4 or Kosmos 14.1

Good news, Switch firmware 9.0.0 is Hacked so qucikly with the updated Atmosphere or Kosmos CFW pack. That means, now update to Switch V9.0.0, we can also boot CFW to play tons of free games and homebrews. Here to check more details on the CFW compatibility for Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 System.

What you need to know before update to V9.0.0?

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Firmware update 9.0 updated the gamecard reader firmware! If you want to use your gamecard reader but don’t want to burn your fuses, you have to disable autonogc within the hekate GUI. THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE!

  1. Homebrewers – Upgrade to 9.0! Everything works, SX Gear and R4S Dongle can boot ATM for homebrewing on Switch.
  2. Pirates(play games in .NSP or .XCI) on 9.0- Get Espatch for your Atmopshere.

Atmosphere 0.9.4 updated for Switch V9.0.0

Atmosphère 0.9.4 download link:

Atmosphere, together with the SX OS, ReiNX are the 3 major CFWs (custom firmware) for hackable Nintendo Switch consoles which are vulnerable to fusee-gelee (RCM hack) exploit. As a free custom firmware for Nintendo Switch, it’s widely used and also comes with a vast number of features. 

As the time of wiring this post, Only Atmopshere can Support Switch V9.0.0, SX OS and ReiNX users should still wait for more days or weeks.

Changelog of Atmopshere V0.9.4

  • Full support for 9.0.0
  • FW 9.0.0 changed the way that button input is detected and as a result, all homebrew making use of button input needs to be recompiled with the latest version of libnx to work properly on FW 9.0.0
  • However, a temporary hid-mitm module is currently provided to ensure compatibility with current homebrew until it gets recompiled. This module will eventually be removed
  • FW 9.0.0 introduced a dependency in FS on the USB system module to launch the SD card which means that the USB module cannot be IPS patched
  • FW 9.0.0 also updated the gamecart controller’s firmware (lotus) and Atmosphere applies nogc patches when booting into this firmware by default. These can disabled if you wish to play gamecarts on FW 9.0.0 but this comes with the side effect of losing the ability to use the gamecart slot on older firmwares
  • BIS Keys are now properly generated on Switch consoles manufactured after FW 5.0.0 was released
  • An off-by-one error got fixed in the ‘boot’ system module and a bug relating to webapplet launching was addressed
  • hbmenu has been updated to version 3.1.1 which is built with libnx 2.5.0

Kosmos V14.1 for Switch V9.0.0

Kosmos 14.1 download link:

Kosmos or AtlasNX, the All-in-One CFW Package for the Nintendo Switch – previously SDFilesSwitch. This handy All-in-One package includes everything you need to run Hekate/Atmosphere with some extra patches to enhance your experience on Switch consoles even with FW 9.0.0.

It includes Atmosphère, Switch Homebrew Menu, Switch Homebrew Loader, AppstoreNX, EdiZon, KosmosUpdater, Sys-FTPD, Checkpoint and other softwares for Nintendo Switch. Now its latest version V14.1 adds Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 support as well.

Changelog of Kosmos V14.1

  • Full support for 9.0.0
  • Removed nosigchk from Kosmos
    • This patch wasn’t actually useful to the cause and as it later turned out, piracy related. After some heated discussions full of misinformation and miscommunication, we have been informed about their effects.
    • For now Joonie’s patches have to be redownloaded after updating Kosmos, this will be fixed very soon in the next update
  • Updated sys-ftpd to work with firmware 9.0 (Thanks to everyone in #developer-chat)
  • In all the hype around firmware 9.0 we actually forgot to include the most important feature that has been planned for months now, added nxdumptool
    • NXDumptool is one of the most useful tools for people that need to dump their gamecards or want to make backups of their personally owned games.
    • DarkMatterCore has been amazing to work and chat with and we thank him for his willingness to include NXDumptool in Kosmos.
  • Updated Lockpick/Lockpick_RCM for firmware 9.0


If you have a non-hacked but a hackable Switch unit on FW 9.0.0, you obviously have to use Atmosphère 0.9.4 to play free games and homebrews. The SX Gear and R4s Dongle can boot AMS on your Nintendo Switch, they are ON Sale in

But if you’re the SX OS or other CFW users, stay on Switch V8.1.0, otherwise you can’t play .XCI or .NSP games or launch homebrews.

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