Nintendo’s E3 Mega (somewhat) Sale!

E3 is back for another year of jaw dropping awesomeness. That and Breath of the Wild. Owh you know how it is.

The sad part is that the sale is not as huge as the Japanese sale done two weeks ago. But still noteworthy. Here are some highlights of this sale:


Windwaker HD is at USD 29.99
Smash Bros is at USD 38.99
Splatoon is at USD 44.99
Kirby at the Rainbow Curse is at USD 23.99
Typoman is at USD 8.99


Smash Bros is at USD 25.99
Majora’s Mask 3D is at USD 23.99
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at USD 19.99
Project X Zone 2 is at USD 19.99
Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX is at USD 29.99
Story of Seasons is at USD 19.99
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden is at USD 14.99

For the complete list, head to

– Kyo’s Gamemart

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