OK KO! brings all of Cartoon Network into the Rabbidsverse ⊟ You…

OK KO! brings all of Cartoon Network into the Rabbidsverse ⊟

You may recall my unimpeachable, very important scholarly work of tracing all the Nintendo/Ubisoft character crossovers in Mario vs. Rabbids into a single universe, which unified everything from Monster Hunter to TMNT to Assassin’s Creed to Galaxian. I really thought that article was longer when I wrote it – maybe I’m due for an expanded version of this critical research… but I can break it down. 

Basically, thanks to Mario vs. Rabbids, everything in an Ubisoft game crosses over with everything that’s been in Super Smash Bros., which then crosses over with everything that’s been in Street Fighter or Pac-Man or Marvel Comics or any other branch that brushed any other franchise involved in this series.

And now Smash Bros. character Sonic (who, through various cameos and appearances in games like Sega Superstars Tennis, crosses over with Space Channel 5, Super Monkey Ball, Shenmue, Alex Kidd, and other Sega franchises) is in OK KO, establishing a link between our greater Rabbidsverse and this extremely great, beautifully animated cartoon.

OK KO is also a crossover nexus, having run an event literally called “Crossover Nexus” that brought every Cartoon Network series into continuity with OK KO. So now Steven Universe shares a reality with Mario, among other things. Teen Titans Go! is in there, making another connection to DC Comics.

Teen Titans Go! also crossed over with Powerpuff Girls, which means that Powerpuff Girls villain Ace is in our universe. Which means that real-life/cartoon band Gorillaz, who canonically featured Ace as a member, is in the Rabbidsverse too. 

It looks like a really fun episode too! Watch it August 4 at 4:45pm ET on new video game universe hub Cartoon Network.

Thanks to Solid Pupper for alerting me to this development!


Source : https://tinycartridge.com/post/186405976167

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