Out Today: Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- is an Anime Murder-Mystery Visual Novel for PS4

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Are you looking for a new visual novel to sink your teeth into? Sony has a new one out on PS4, though not strictly speaking today. And not strictly speaking the Sony you’re probably thinking of.

Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- released on January 10th on PS4, and it’s a murder-mystery visual novel published by Sony UNTIES, a publishing label that’s a branch off from Sony Music Entertainment Japan. So, Sony, but different Sony.

There’s some talent behind this one, too, as Cherrymochi and Mebius have rebuilt the game in a brand new engine, which means better features. Some of those features are in the form of animated sequences, and they were handled by animation studio Graphinica, which worked on scenes in Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles X. A talented lot, then, and top-tier stuff is expected.

The story revolves around Detective Ito Ayami and her investigation into her partner’s disappearance. There’s also something strange going on all over Tokyo, as strange symbols and a mysterious masked figure have been spotted all over the city, along with some creepy goings-on. Ito must investigate everything, and that means going to the city’s underbelly and dealing with some undesirable folk if she wants to find her friend alive.
“Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- emphasizes balancing opposing forces mechanically, visually and thematically,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “The developers have perfected the core ideas with the Switch and upcoming PlayStation 4 releases, taking Ito’s journey to even more chilling places with innovative systems tracking every in-game action.”

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