Paul Haddad, Voice of Leon in Resident Evil 2, Has Passed Away

It’s a mournful weekend as it has been announced that voice actor Paul Haddad has passed away at the age of 56. Haddad was known in particular for playing the role of Leon S. Kennedy in the original Resident Evil 2. While it began as a PlayStation title, RE2 eventually made its way to both Nintendo 64 and GameCube.

For many Nintendo fans, Haddad’s work as Leon was their first exposure to the Resident Evil franchise. Haddad also played parts in film and television— he appeared in X-Men: The Animated Series, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Free Willy, MacGyver, and more.

His death was revealed by developer Invader Studios on Twitter; Haddad had been working with the studio on Daymare: 1998, a horror game that pays homage to the early days of horror titles like Resident Evil. The developer said the following about Haddad’s passing:

“Paul Haddad, our dear friend and an icon among the RE community, has passed away recently. We’ve been truly honored to have the chance to meet and work with such a great man and a brilliant professional that He was.

Rest in Peace Paul… You will live forever in our hearts.”

His cause of death was not revealed. Nintendojo’s thoughts are with Haddad’s friends and families at this time.

Source: Invader Studios’ Twitter Page

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