Pay Less For Control’s Season Pass and Prove It’s Better Not to Be An Eager Beaver

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Shortly after Control was released last summer, the team announced a Season Pass. Now, it’s probably fair to say that a hearty number of gamers wanted the story to continue, and therefore paid for the promise of expansion. But those gamers are still waiting for something to drop.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you what has plummeted recently – the Season Pass’ price, that’s what. And that is difficult for some to swallow.

That’s because those who paid full price months ago haven’t received anything in return. Yet, you are able to buy it now – for less – and be in exactly the same position as they are. That being, waiting on March to hurry on round so you can play the first expansion and mid-2020 for the second.

It’s hardly fair, is it?

And, yet, that is the circumstance in which we find ourselves – even if it is hard to explain. After all, why would you reduce the “bundle” when none of its content has launched yet? Surely, that’s a tactic reserved for increasing sales all those months later, when the hype has gone and game is reduced? And shouldn’t you be making things up to your original purchasers who’ve been very patient up until now?

Obviously not…

Instead the initial price of $24.99 has tumbled to $16.24. And we’re all trying to remember what it was we loved about Control in the first place. That’s because, as the months roll on, initial enthusiasm is dampened. Other games tickle our fancy and we practically forget what has been. Instead, it becomes all about what’s coming.

Let’s just hope these two new pieces of content are worth it, or we might not be able to Control our disappointment…

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