Persona 5 incoming? (let’s hope so)

*Que Persona fangasm*

Yes, you’ve read it right folks! Internet savvy users on NeoGAF message boards had earlier discovered a WHOIS registry for, but what’s more compelling is that it is registered to the Index Corporation which is the parent company of the developer and publisher of Persona games; Atlus.

Index Corporation's registration of

Registration of by the Index Corporation


Could we be finally getting another long-awaited Persona game? Reports are leaning towards the likely as rumors of a new Persona game began developing back in 2009, with Atlus themselves even confirming the rumour the year after, and finally a concrete statement back in 2011 by Atlus that Persona 5 was in development. Since then, the company has kept details close to the chest until Internet users stumbled upon them registering their new domain name.

The older registration of, likely by a squatter.

An older registry for


It has been just about 5 years ago on July 10th 2008 that Atlas has released a core Persona game which was Persona 4. Since then, Atlus has published spin-offs like Persona 4 Arena on the PS3; a fighting game which included characters from Persona 4, and a major standalone title; Catherine which was a puzzle-platforming psychological horror game for the PS3 and XBOX 360. Besides that, an enhanced port of Persona 4; Persona 4 Golden has also been released on the PlayStation Vita which was well received by gaming review sites. Soon to be released by Atlus on August 6th 2013 for the PS Vita and PS 3, is Dragon’s Crown; a 2D fantasy action role-playing game, which looks set to take the world by storm. Atlus has always been known to publish PlayStation-exclusive games, but with their recent game Catherine being released also on the XBOX 360, it appears Atlus has been leaning more to multi-platform releases.

Ahhh.. lovely

Only time will tell when Atlus finally unveils updates on their efforts for Persona 5, but until then, fans will be left wanting and eagerly craving for their next game in the fantastic Persona series.



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  • July 8, 2013 at 6:13 AM

    I love Persona 4, really hoping the next Persona 5 will be better! 😀

  • July 8, 2013 at 6:56 AM

    Atlus will not disappoint! 🙂 i hope.

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