PLAN 8 details development history, genre, gameplay, exosuits, and firearms


Pearl Abyss has released new information and screenshots of PLAN 8, its massively multiplayer online shooter first announced at G-Star 2019.

Get the details below.

Development History

  • PLAN 8 is the first shooter introduced by Pearl Abyss and combines open-world MMO elements with action-packed gameplay and realistic graphics that players expect within the shooter genre.
  • PLAN 8 is built on Pearl Abyss’ brand-new, proprietary engine.
  • PLAN 8 is currently being developed for PC and console by Lead Producer Seungki Lee, former Environment Art Director for Black Desert Online, and Technical Advisor Minh Le, co-creator of the original Counter-Strike.


  • Pearl Abyss is striving to create a next-generation shooter that combines the best elements of the MMO genre to create an entirely new experience unlike any other shooter game on the market.
  • A vast open world and profound worldview will be important to PLAN 8.
  • Though Pearl Abyss describes PLAN 8 as a shooter, it is difficult to confine the game to a single genre. The project aims to create a unique shooter title with MMO gameplay elements.


  • PLAN 8 is defined as an exosuit MMO shooter. The exosuit is a robotic device that the player can wear, offering amazing abilities.
  • A key feature of PLAN 8 is finding and equipping different Gears to the player’s exosuit, opening up gameplay experiences never-before-seen in any game.


  • Exosuits allow players to exercise superhuman power, granting wearers extraordinary strength and capabilities.
  • Every exosuit has its own special abilities. When an exosuit meets another on the battlefield, they can counter each other depending on their compatibility. This allows for complex strategic gameplay through advantages and disadvantages among exosuits.
  • Player can use exosuits in many different ways. For example, an exosuit with enhanced arms will help them climb up and down walls, while one with enhanced legs will help them jump over high walls and buildings.


  • Firearms play a very important role in the world of PLAN 8. Like exosuits, firearms can be enhanced or modified using various parts that players can choose.
  • Enhancement and modification of firearms doesn’t follow a standardized format. Players can customize their firearms based on their own creative ideas.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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