Planet Entertainment Replies to Office Create’s Statement Regarding Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Cooking Mama IP holder Office Create put out a statement yesterday (which you can read in its entirety here) condemning the sale of the series’ latest installment, Cooking Mama: Cookstar. Office Create alleges that the sale of the game on Nintendo Switch is “illegal” and that potential legal action against Cookstar publisher Planet Entertainment might be forthcoming. Planet Entertainment has now fired back with its own statement:

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As the statement notes, Planet Entertainment alleges that the disagreement about the game between itself and Office Create are beyond the scope of the arrangement which the two companies agreed upon. Thus, Planet feels it is within its legal rights to sell Cookstar. As of this writing, physical copies of Cookstar are again sold out on the publisher’s website (the banner at the top of the page now says to “check back for future on sale dates”). Where this whole conflict goes is anyone’s guess, but Nintendojo will continue to keep everyone updated as the story devlops.

Source: Cooking Mama: Cookstar Twitter Page

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