Please enjoy every word of this…

Please enjoy every word of this escape game title ⊟

Prepare the First RPG Village~The Adventures of Nyanzou&Kumakichi: Escape Game Series~. I love that. I want to prepare the village! But also maybe escape from it? But in case you aren’t convinced, publisher AlignmentSharp offers more details on the game page:

We find ourselves in some RPG World.
The Devil suddenly shows up. People fall into great misery.
But, that’s when one young man makes a stand.

He comes to be known as the Hero. He leaves the First Castle, heading for the First Village nearby.

Leaving that aside for now, the First Village is very busy getting ready to welcome the Hero-sama.
Looks like Nyanzou and Kumakichi, who live in the village, are also going to help out with the preparations.

It’s your standard escape game, on the easy side, and highly recommended for beginners. It comes with autosave, hints, and memo functions.

I’m not sure how something could be so appealingly cute and still begin with “The Devil suddenly shows up.” And as it turns out, I’m an escape game beginner.


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