Pokemon Sword&Shield DLC expansion: How to get for free with SX Pro or SX OS?

Pokemon latest DLC expansion is coming 2020, without buying from Nintendo Eshop, you can either Buy SX Pro or SX OS License to enjoy the free updates. In this article, let me show you details on Pokemon Sword&Shield upcoming DLC expansion and the solution to get them for free on our Nintendo Switch consoles.

2 Ways to get free Pokemon Sword&Shield DLC on Nintendo Switch

They are the SX Pro Dongle and the SX OS License, both are the tools to support you Hack or Crack Switch console to play free games and homebrews. The upcoming DLC for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, they will be downlodable and available from the Internet too, so once you have SX Pro or SX OS running on the Nintendo Switch, you can download them for free via Internet and enjoy the Full updates.

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SX Pro Dongle

SX Pro Dongle is the Ultimate hacking toolkit for Nintendo Switch consoles. It’s made by Team Xecuter and containing the USB Dongle as a payload injector, a RCM Jig and a built-in OS License code. They are all the things you need to Jailbreak the Nintendo Switch. Your easiest method to hack Switch console to load free games&homebrew.

Currently, the SX Pro can work on any firmware version of Nintendo Switch, it supports booting SX OS custom firmware on Switch and plays every Nintendo Switch game for you. But, please note, the cuter SX Pro dongle isn’t compatible with any version Switch, the patched Switch and the new Mariko Switch, they are not hackable for now, if you have one of the 2 versions, you should wait for the New modchip for All Nintendo Switch. 

SX OS License

SX OS License code is another product made by Team Xecuter to crack the Nintendo Switch. SX OS is one of the best Switch custom firmwares in 2020. If you want to use SX OS CFW on Switch console, you should either get the SX Pro dongle or the SX OS License code. It’s a digital code, not a physical product. More exactly, it’s the Key you can get SX OS custom firmware running on the Switch.

SX OS Code, as like the SX Pro Dongle, it can work on any system version of Nintendo Switch, but it doesn’t fit for Unhackable Nintendo Switch devices. If you want to check whether or not the SX OS supports your Switch, go to this post to find the solutions.

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Buy SX Pro or SX OS Code to play free Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games with the upcoming DLC? I will recommend you the SX Pro Dongle, it’s a easier method, SX OS License is much more complicated to use, their price isn’t much difference too. SX Pro is around $47, SX OS is around $29.

Guide to use SX Pro or SX OS to get Free Pokemon Sword&Shield DLC

Setup SX Pro dongle to get free Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games with DLC can be found here, if you also want to know the SX OS tutorial, you can check the official guide here.

  1. Buy Switch Dongle-Xecuter SX Pro from an official seller like Mod3dscard.com.
  2. Format Switch SD Card, download Necessary documents( boot.dat and license-requires.dat)to it from SX.Xecuter.com.
  3. With following the official guide in SX.XECUTER.COM to activate SX OS. 
  4. Download the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield from online to your SD Card. If you don’t find it, buy Our SD Card with All Switch games.
  5. Boot SX OS on Switch, enter the “Album” to play free Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on Nintendo Switch.

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Pokemon Sword&Shield DLC expansion: All we kow for now

New expansions for the latest Pokemon Sword&Shield have been revealed by Nintendo. The reveal came as part of Nintendo’s “Pokémon Direct”, a 20-minute online presentation designed to get fans up to speed with the latest goings on in the Pokémon universe.

Time to Release

The first part of the expansion – The Isle of Armour – will be available to explore from June 2020. The second part – The Crown Tundra – won’t be unlocked until later in the year: November 2020 is its planned release date.

Money to Spend

The game’s developers have confirmed that players wanting to enjoy the expansion pack will have to pay approximately $35 (£26.99), you’ll need to buy the bundle that corresponds to the game you already own, so double check you have the right one before you confirm your transaction。

While there’s still a few months until the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions make their debut, fans can actually pre-order the DLC right now. Because who pre-order the expansions will also receive download codes for some in-game uniforms based on Pikachu and Eevee.

New Areas 

The Isle of Armor 

An expansion based on the Isle of Man, this DLC (due in June) will offer a whole new area to explore with fresh locales including bogs, caves, sand dunes and more. Needless to say, there will be new Pokemon, too – as well as a Dojo where players can compete against new rivals to get even stronger.

The Crown Tundra

The only release window for this so far is Autumn, but we do know that this snowy region is inspired by Scotland. Details are scarce, but we know there will be Pokemon Dens players can fully enter, as well as a cryptic tease of a “certain character” being heavily involved – could it be someone from past generations?

The Free Updates

“We will be distributing free updates to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield that will coincide with the releases of Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra,” the director for Pokemon Sword and Shield said.

“These updates will allow people who don’t have the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield expansion pass to obtain Pokemon that appear on the Isle of Armor and in The Crown Tundra through other means, such as trading.”

Game Freak has already confirmed that there will be multiple ways to get expansion-exclusive Pokémon, even if you don’t purchase the DLC. 

The most obvious option here is trading with a friend who does have the Expansion Pass. They would need to have both versions of the game, but every Pokémon will be transferable between games regardless of if it’s DLC or not. 

The second option is transferring your older Pokémon into Sword and Shield through Pokémon HomeHome is set to release in February and will allow players to store their Pokémon from older games on a cloud-based server while freely moving them from compatible titles on Nintendo 3DS to Switch. As long as the Pokémon is included in the expanding Galar Pokédex, you’ll be able to bring over any of your older ‘mons, including those with moves and abilities not yet available in Sword and Shield

Other Details

Two Expansion Passes will unlock new Pokémon, areas, features, items and moves that weren’t previously available in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and will be available later in the year. These are not new games, rather they are expansions to your existing copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield. 

Source : https://www.mod3dscard.com/blog/pokemon-swordshield-dlc-expansion-how-to-get-for-free-with-sx-pro-or-sx-os/

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