Psyvariar Delta for PS4, Switch launches July 2 in North America

Psyvariar Delta

The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions of Psyvariar Delta will launch in North America both physically and digitally on July 2, publisher Dispatch Games announced. A European release will follow at a later date.

All orders of Psyvariar Delta from the Dispatch Games Store will ship approximately two weeks earlier from the official release date and include a free downloadable content pack.

Psyvariar Delta first launched for PlayStation 4 and Switch in Japan in August 2018. The western release was originally also due out that summer, but was delayed. In January, developer City Connection released a PC version via Steam with a full English translation.

Here is an overview of the game, via Dispatch Games:


First released in arcades in 2000, this enhanced version retains the classic Buzz system that lets players enjoy the thrill of leveling up by avoiding direct hits and evading enemy attacks just enough to graze their planes.

Key Features

  • Delta Point #1: New Mode – Players can now set their stage, planes, levels, and experience. In the Replay Mode+, a player can challenge each area with their own plane and bombs. Score Attack Mode allows a player to play for the high score with their difficulty. Both modes will have an online leaderboard to show how you stack up against other players.
  • Delta Point #2: New UI – The new UI shows Ex levels, boss health, and invincible time remaining after leveling up. The new design is easy for beginners to understand while the information helps experts as well. In the options menu, a player can show the hit area for their own plane and their enemies so that the game can be adjusted based on the players level of play.
  • Delta Point #3: New Planes – Along with the two original planes, there will be new planes available as paid downloadable contente which bring all new original attacks. These downloadable contents can be used on all levels allowing players to have a different game play experience.

Dispatch Games also provided Gematsu with a couple of additional updates:

  • The digital version of Penguin Wars is “coming shortly,” according to Dispatch Games. (Penguin Wars is currently available physically for PlayStation 4 and Switch, but not yet available digitally.)
  • The PlayStation 4 version of Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase was pushed back in development “for a variety of reasons beyond our control.” Dispatch Games is working on determining its schedule and currently does not have a projected release date.

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Bender Bending Rodríguez

Bender Bending Rodríguez

Help! This website owner hacked me and made me a slave. Please save me!!....... and also please kiss my shiny metal ass...

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