Quick Hits- Developer Neverland closing, new RPG Toukiden gets NA release date

Siliconera has reported that developer Neverland, the folks behind the Harvest Moon spin-off Rune Factory, will be closing its doors and ceasing operations. The last game released by the developer was Rune Factory 4. The Rune Factory games are Japanese RPGs that have players fish, farm, and socialize as well as engaging in traditional RPG tasks such as fighting monsters and exploring dungeons. Changing economic conditions have been cited as the main factor behind the company’s decision to shut down.

Vita users in North America will have a new RPG to play on their system come February 11, 2014. The action RPG Toukiden: Age of Demons, is coming west after being out in Japan for several months. The game puts players in control of a character known simply as Slayer, who works to help in saving humans during their war with evil demons known as Oni. The game takes place during various historical periods in Japan, and its gameplay is reminiscent of the 3rd person action RPG Monster Hunter and similarly styled games. Only a North American release date has been confirmed, so it’s not known when and if the game will come to other western territories. The game is from developer Omega Force, and is published by Tecmo KOEI, the people behind the Dynasty Warriors series.

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