R-Type Final 2 – Twitter poll launched for additional player ship proposals

R-Type Final 2

Granzella has revealed the proposals for additional player ships in R-Type Final 2, and has launched a week-long poll on Twitter asking fans which ship they like the most.

Here is an overview of each ship, via the game’s official website:

■ Additional Player Ships Proposals

In the project R-Type Final 2, we are considering to add R-102 and subsequent aircraft in parallel with the development of the game system and stages. These are just proposals. (The implementation has not been confirmed.)

The implementation of these aircraft in the game has not yet been confirmed. We are proceeding with the production of R-Type Final 2 as the R-Type series’ platform. We also have new stages and aircraft proposals to share with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Proposal 1: R-104 White Requiem

A requiem for mankind charmed by the power of the devil.

R-Type Final 2

R-104 White Requiem is the enhanced model of the ultimate fighter R-99 Last Dancer. When a Wave Cannon is charged, the aircraft itself goes out of control, and the attack power of all weapons equipped with it increases for a certain period of time. The cockpit is completely sealed, and no one has heard anything about this fighter’s pilot.

Proposal 2: TW-3B Blue Symphonies

Symphonies of combat.

R-Type Final 2

TW-3B Blue Symphonies is a tank offshoot of the ground-based attach vehicle, TW-2 Kiwi Berry. The cannon on its head requires seven Loop charges, but it has the most destructive power among all the aircraft participating in this mission. It is equipped with a variety of powerful weapons, including antiaircraft missiles and Rainbow machine guns. From the tip of the Force, heroic music roars and which has the effect of encouraging allies.

Proposal 3: BX-1CX Uroboros

Infinite possibilities of the Bydo.

R-Type Final 2

BX-1CX Uroboros grew out of the Bydo-type B-1C3 Amphibian III that gained mighty energy. When a Wave Cannon is charged at a maximum level, BX-1CX Uroboros generates optical camouflage on the aircraft and the surface of the Force to neutralize the attack of the tracking system.When the Dose system reaches 100 percent, the Force will be split into up to three to build up an impregnable defense mechanism.

Proposal 4: R-9uso800 April Fools

Incredible strength.

R-Type Final 2

R-9uso800 April Fools is the only aircraft that utilizes the Kikai Machine Force, which was developed by incorporating the technology of the super-machine civilization that occurred in the central region of the galaxy. They say that the Kikai Machine Force acts autonomously when it is separated, and it has a function to induce a malfunction to the enemy by showing disillusionment to them. R-9uso800 April Fools is equipped with the Ending Wave Cannon that shows the staff credit upon firing after seven Loop charges.

R-Type Final 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC with an estimated release window of December 2020.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2019/10/r-type-final-2-twitter-poll-launched-for-additional-player-ship-proposals

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