Rainbow Six Siege player count reaches its best monthly average ever

January 21, 2020 Rainbow Six Siege has hit its best monthly average player count ever.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to draw in players – and even more impressive, it’s hanging onto them. The last 30 days have brought the game its biggest player count averages on Steam since launch, and its second-highest player count peak ever. Ubisoft announced that the game had surpassed 50 million registered users back in September 2019, and it seems the numbers aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

From December 21 to today, Siege has averaged 90,731 concurrent players, as Steam Charts shows (and as folks on Reddit have noted). This month’s peak player count of 151,678 doesn’t quite match the historic high of 176,208 back in March 2018, but the average is ultimately the more relevant number – it indicates that players are continuing to stick with the game throughout the days and weeks.

Siege was already on an upward trend in December 2019, but the current success has been buoyed by the Road to SI 2020 event, which offers a battle pass and a new game mode that lets you play as any operator in the game, whether or not you own them.

The developers announced that Siege had reached 45 million players back in February 2018. Ubisoft’s previous announcements included 20 million in August 2017, 30 million in April 2018, on through to 35 million at E3 and 40 million in October 2018. As of September 2019, Siege stands at 50 million players.

The game continues to have a healthy increase in player count – and if these numbers proceed to climb in much the same way as they have, Siege could hit 55 million players by mid-2020.

Source : https://www.pcgamesn.com/rainbow-six-siege/player-count

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