Rumour: Horizon: Zero Dawn Won’t Be a PS4 Exclusive for Long, PC Release Coming This Year

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What it means to be an exclusive game is slowly but surely changing. It all started with Microsoft and its Play Anywhere initiative where you could buy a first-party game on Xbox and play on PC, and vice versa. It made sense for Microsoft, given that most PCs are running Windows. Sony? Not so much. Sony has been slow to make moves into the PC market, but things are changing, and if the latest rumour is anything to go by, PS4 exclusives on PC could become more common in the future.

According to a report by Kotaku, Guerrilla Games’ critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn will be releasing on PC later this year. This isn’t the first time a PS4 exclusive has released on PS4, but it would be the first time a first-party developed exclusive ends up on a platform without PlayStation in its name.

It’s expected that the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn will be more capable than the PS4 version. Expect a variety of options and sliders to customise the game’s performance to PC hardware, as well as features not possible on the current PS4 lineup of consoles, like higher frame rates and resolutions.

With profits and growth being the main motivations, it makes sense that Sony would want to have a slice of the PC market, too. PC gamers are less likely to buy into new consoles if they’ve already got a capable machine that can be upgraded incrementally over time. The only way to get some of their sweet cash is to put games on the platform where they play, and if happens to be PC, then so be it.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that we’ll see PlayStation exclusives on other consoles. That’s almost definitely never going to happen. PC is a fair middle ground, though, and is seen as “neutral” territory that won’t eat into anybody’s console sales, so expect more PlayStation exclusives to be playable on PC in the near future.

That said, I wouldn’t expect to see future exclusives released day-and-date on PC. It’s more likely we’ll see first-party games release exclusively on PlayStation consoles, and then a year later – maybe longer, maybe less – release on PC.

Source: Kotaku

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