Save $60 On Fire Emblem: Three Houses|Download this game for Free

The next big Nintendo Switch role-playing game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses released worldwidely today, if you’re interested in the game and want to save a big scratch, you can download it to play on your Hacked Switch console without paying for 60$. Here is to share you the .XCI and .NSP of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and how you can play downloaded games on Nintendo Switch.

Download Fire Emblem: Three Houses XCI or NSP

The rom source for Fire Emblem: Three Houses are already available online, include XCI and NSP and DLC files. Here are 2 places you can find the game source Fire Emblem: Three Houses game roms.

A. Google Drive

  • Download link: here
  • Full Size: 10.98G
  • Format: NSP
  • Usage: Compatible with SX OS/Atmosphere CFW installed Nintendo Switch


  • Download link: here
  • Full Size: 11.02G
  • Format: XCI
  • Usage: Compatible with SX OS/Atmosphere CFW installed Nintendo Switch

P.S: Big Switch game release always takes large space and will take you many hours to download. So if you don’t want to wait so long, you can give a check at our Switch Pre-loaded SD Card, we download Switch games for you at 128GB/200GB/256GB high-quality Sandisk Microsd card.

download games to switch sd card

You can give us your own game list or you can choose the default one which includes the latest Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2 and so on.

Guide: How to play free Fire Emblem: Three Houses on your Switch?

Only get the .XCI or .NSP file, you can’t play it on your Nintendo Switch console directly by adding the rom to the sd card. If you are without SX OS or Atmosphere CFW on your console, the rom is useless. So in order to boot custom firmware to play the free downloaded Switch games, you must follow the Guide here to hack the console first.

1. Check your Switch hacking status

Not all Nintendo Switch are hackable. Switch consoles released after June 2018 are patched, and currently there is no way to hack it. To check if your Switch is patched or not, go to the site

If you confirm your Switch can be hacked, the go continue. 

2. Buy a SX OS License or a Xecuter SX Pro

hack nintendo switch to play free games

The SX OS is a paid CFW for Nintendo Switch, it’s the best Switch custom firmware I recommend because it has a easy setup and unique features than other free ones. The Great features of SX-OS includes direct .XCI(default format of the Switch game cartridge) Installing and EmuNAND for preventing bans. 

Then how to get SX OS CFW on Switch? You need at least buy a SX OS License code or a full cracking unit, the Xecuter SX Pro.

SX OS License-It’s a 12 digits license code made up by letters and numbers. To get the full functions of SX OS, you need to have the license code to inject to your Switch.

Xecuter SX Pro-It’s a full set of Switch hacking toolkit. Includes a Switch Joycon jig, a payload injector(usb dongle) and the built-in os license code. By owing it, you can crack the Nintendo Switch only in 5 steps. Easy and simple.

3. Setup SX OS or SX Pro on Nintendo Switch

To use the SX OS license or SX Pro on the Switch, there are 2 different guides, their official site Team Xecuter gives a very detailed tutorial, you can just check here.

4. Play Free Fire Emblem: Three Houses and other Switch games

To play .XCI Fire Emblem: Three Houses on your Switch, download the XCI file from the PC to the root of SD card, just launch the Album application and your game should appear. Launch the game by pressing A. The game will appear on the Switch main menu. Simply press A to launch the game and enjoy!

To play .NSP Fire Emblem: Three Houses on your Switch, download the NSP file from the PC to the root of SD card. Open SXOS Album and go to Install menu and install the NSP! Enjoy the game, update or dlc!

How to save money to buy Fire Emblem without the unpatched Switch?

News: Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be $49.94 via Wal-Mart starting Friday in Store. Marvel Ultimate 3 also $49.94. 

— Cheap Ass Gamer (@videogamedeals) July 22, 2019

Walmart has an offer you may want to consider. The retailer will reportedly sell the Switch-exclusive for $49.94 USD on release day this Friday. This is an in-store deal only, it appears.

It’s a pretty good deal, as Three Houses is a full-price game, normally going for $60 USD. You can visit the Three Houses page on Walmart’s website to learn more, though again, it appears this offer is only available in-store.

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