Sega Ages Fantasy Zone and Sega Ages Shinobi launch January 23 in the west

Sega Ages Fantasy Zone and Sega Ages Shinobi will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on January 23 in the west, a pair of Nintendo eShop listings confirm.

Here is an overview of each game, via the listings:

Sega Ages Fantasy Zone

An interplanetary monetary system collapses as its funds are mysteriously funneled towards the construction of a fortress in the Fantasy Zone. It’s up to Opa-Opa to rescue the Fantasy Zone and find the culprit responsible!

Eliminate all the bases to reach the end boss and advance to the next level. Use lasers and bombs to destroy all enemies and take advantage of weapon and engine upgrades! Want a change in palette? Play as Opa-Opa’s brother, Upa-Upa!

Sega Ages Shinobi

Ninjutsu master Joe Musashi returns in this classic side-scrolling platformer. Utilize shurikens, throwing knives, and more to defeat the enemy and free the hostages. Need more time? Use the rewind feature to move back in time to make sure you’re using your best moves.

Challenge the Sega Ages version of Shinobi by using the newly added melee button for a special bonus score. Or if you prefer something more achievable, try out the Ages mode and Joe Musashi will have upgraded weapons and increased durability.

Read more about Sega Ages Fantasy Zone here and Sega Ages Shinobi here.

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