Shantae Funko Pop! Revealed

Yesterday, we pointed out that new Funko Pop! vinyl figurines would be coming to stores this April. Well, there’s another incredibly exciting video game Funko Pop! that has been announced, as well— one based on everybody’s favorite half-genie! That’s right, folks: Shantae herself is coming to a store near you this May.

According to Matt Bozon, he and his wife Erin (and Shantae co-creator) worked in tandem with Funko to bring the new figurine to life.  It’s a truly stunning turn for the character, whose debut on Game Boy Color back in 2002 could have truly been her one and only outing. The eponymous Shantae title came out towards the end of Game Boy Color’s lifecycle and went largely overlooked by fans. So much so that original cartridges are worth a pretty penny, these days.

Zoom ahead to today and Shantae is one of the premier indie franchises in the industry. With each sequel, developer Wayforward has expanded Shantae’s audience. A prelude of latest game, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, was even selected as one of the first titles for the Apple Arcade gaming service. To get a Funko Pop! of the character must truly fill the Bozons with deserved pride.

Will you be getting a Shantae Pop! for yourself? Let us know in the comments and on social media!

Source: Matt Bozon’s Twitter Account

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