Sign me up for this weird handheld with a crank ⊟ It’s…

Sign me up for this weird handheld with a crank ⊟ 

It’s called Playdate, and it’s shipping next year for $149 from Panic – who you might know for their Mac/iOS software, or maybe for dipping their toes in the video game publishing space with Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game.

Why I’m dropping $150 on a black and white (2.7-inch screen, 400×240 resolution) portable from a company with little-to-no hardware credentials:

  • It has a crank. And it’s going to have silly games built around that.
  • The system will have “seasons” of games, and the first season includes 12 new titles from designers like Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy), Zach Gage (SpellTower), Bennett Foddy (QWOP), and Shaun Inman (The Last Rocket), with one experience released each week with no charge.
  • Panic worked on Playdate’s unique crank design with Teenage Engineering, the Swedish maker behind other fun/odd devices like this special synthesizer:
  • It’s cute and yellow and fits in a shirt pocket
  • Oh and Panic makes Transmit, my favorite Mac app. It’s a simple FTP program, which probably isn’t what most would typically call out as their favorite application, but it’s really good. Most FTP apps suck!

Panic will release more info as the launch approaches (Edge #333 has the system as its cover story, too), but you can sign up to learn more about Playdate and developing games for it on its official site.


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