Sisters Royale coming west for PS4, Switch on January 30, 2020

Sisters Royale

Chorus Worldwide will release Alfa System-developed shoot ’em up Sisters Royale digitally for PlayStation 4 and Switch on January 30, 2020 in the west, the publisher announced. Pre-orders begin on December 19 via the Nintendo eShop and December 30 via the PlayStation Store. Xbox One and PC versions will be released at a later date.

Sisters Royale first launched for Switch via the Nintendo eShop in Japan in June 2018 under the name Sisters Royale: I’m Being Harassed by 5 Sisters and It Sucks. The PlayStation 4 version is due out in Japan with a physical release day and date with the western release.

Here is an overview of the game, via Chorus Worldwide:

The battle of five sisters begins! Their mission is to capture the heart of the angel Yashin. Sisters Royale is a new vertical scrolling shoot ’em up from the veteran team at Alfa System, the studio behind the Castle of Shikigami series. Five sisters with unique magical talents battle it out with Tension Bonus Systems (TBS), a point multiplier system based on distance from enemies, and the Power-shot System that boosts attack levels. Find hidden Secret Fairies to gain massive scores, but only if the players take additional risks by multiplying the TBS bonuses! Get to know the score boosting techniques and take your place on the global leaderboard.

“We’re super excited to be working with Alfa System to bring Sisters Royale to a global audience,” said Chorus Worldwide founder Shintaro Kanaoya in a press release. “The original Castle of Shikigami series is a beloved classic of the genre and having Alfa System come back to make a modern spiritual successor is thrilling. With its tongue-in-cheek storyline, gameplay and production values from a team at the height of their 30 years in the industry, we think Sisters Royale will appeal to shmup fans of all levels, as well manga and anime lovers around the world.”

Alfa System producer Naoki Suda added, “After receiving many calls for a sequel, we are happy to introduce a brand new game that retains some key elements from Castle of Shikigami series. In Sisters Royale the players will find the same ‘high risk, high return’ game mechanics that they enjoyed in the series, with additional obstacles that redefine the game, including ‘slippery ice floors’ and ‘wind blowing windmill.’”

Watch a trailer below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery.

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