Sonic: Lost World Expectations

From the gameplay demo I’ve seen, Sonic: Lost World is looking to be one of, if not the best 3D Sonic game ever. Adventure was decent, Adenture 2 was good, Heroes was great, Shadow the Hedgehog was awesome, Sonic ’06 was okay, Sonic Unleashed was excellent, Sonic Colors was amazing, and Sonic Generations was pretty good (except for that terrible final boss); and Lost World is looking to be another great entry, perhaps the best. It seems like Sonic Team has finally gotten their gear together, and are ready to dish out excellent Sonic games, once more, a direct contrast to the unfinished but ultimately enjoyable Sonic ’06.

Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer

The gameplay is looking about as polished and smooth as Sonic gets, with adjustments to speed (I can actually control Sonic now) and easy-to-execute, smooth parkour (smoother-looking than Assassin’s Creed, though that’s not saying much), being some pretty big additions. The whole gravity-defying element to select stages, ala Super Mario Galaxy series, which actually originated in a cancelled Saturn Sonic games known as X-Treme, is looking to put a new spin on classic Sonic tropes; it also helps that the world is very colorful and vibrant in all of it’s HD glory, providing the game’s excellent pre-release presentation. Returning are the Wisp powers from Colors, which added a new twist to classic Unleashed 3D Sonic gameplay; activated from the touchscreen.


The story, while lax on details at the moment (for the better), looks promising, definitely after the mediocre story of Generations. Sonic is chasing Eggman, when he comes across a world known as Lost Hex. Eggman has inexplicably harnessed the power of 6 powerful natives known as the Deadly Six. Much like Dark Gaia, this set-up simply doesn’t work for the 6, as they rebel, and blow off Eggman; forcing the 2 (usually) nemesis, Sonic and Eggman, to band together, and stop the 6, and save the planet.

Sonic: Lost World 3DS Trailer

Two separate multiplayer modes have been announced: traditional competitive, and support mode. Support mode allows for a second player to utilize the gamepad in helping the first player controlling Sonic via Wiimote and nunchucks. The Wii U version supports Off-TV Play via the gamepad, which is a big plus.

Worth mentioning is the return of Flickies and other animals, which you can free by killing enemies, and jumping on the classic cage-like contraption at the end of each stage.

The 3DS version will be the first Nintendo handheld Sonic games to feature fully 3D gameplay (unlike Colors and Generations), and will not be a port of the main Wii U version, which different levels and wisp powers. It will support local and online multiplayer modes, and have connectivity to the Wii U version in some unknown way. Will this version have a support mode? I wonder…

I wonder how all of these features and elements will come together to create a true 3D Sonic masterpiece. Will the controls be as smooth as was shown, and will the new mechanics work, or come off as tacked-on? Will the story disappoint, or be the best of the series? How will Sonic Team use the Wii U and 3DS’ tech to create their most technically-proficient title yet, and, lastly (asking this in vain), will there be a Chao Garden?

I suppose we’ll find out all of these answers when Sonic: Lost World drops October 13th, for the Wii U and 3DS.

Are there any curiosities you have regarding this new-fangled, Ninty-exclusive Sonic game? Will this be the reason you finally cave in, and buy a Wii U? Share below.

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  • July 13, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    All i had to see were the opening comments on how good the past games were to know that this guy is an idiot

  • July 14, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    @james: I totally agree with you.

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