Sonic the Hedgehog is Moving Fast Towards a $65 Million Opening Weekend in North America

Paramount Pictures’ Sonic the Hedgehog is having quite the successful opening weekend, earning far more than initially predicted.

The film, which cost $87 million to produce, is estimated to have earned $53.99 million in three days and more than $64.3 million in its opening weekend. If these numbers wind up being correct, it would mean Sonic the Hedgehog has had the greatest video game adaptation debut in North America of all time.

Currently, Legendary/Warner Bros.’ Detective Pikachu holds that record, having earned $54.3 million in three days during a non-holiday weekend — it took four days for Sonic the Hedgehog to surpass Detective Pikachu’s three-day earnings and it released on a holiday weekend.

No other movie came close to Sonic’s earnings during the long weekend, with Birds of Prey coming in at at distant second ($20 million four-day total), and Fantasy Island trailing behind in third (with a $14.6 million four-day total).

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Source: Nintendo Life

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