Sony Trademarks PS6 All The Way to PS10

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The PlayStation 5 is yet to be released and its predecessor is still alive and well today. However, that isn’t stopping Sony from looking at the big picture as they’ve recently filed for trademarks for future PlayStation consoles. To be precise, it’s the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10.

This doesn’t mean that there are five new PlayStation consoles coming our way soon however. It’s more of futureproofing on Sony’s end with their PlayStation lineup. It ensures that Sony will have the rights to the possible names for future consoles and that those rights won’t be taken from them. Still, this filing does make it clear that Sony has no plans to drop out of the console manufacturing business anytime soon despite increased competition from companies like Google.

If Sony keeps at its seven-year console cycle, they won’t have to worry about trademarking the name of another PlayStation console until 2054. According to IGN, filing the trademarks for future consoles this early isn’t a new thing for Sony to do. The PS4 and PS5 were trademarked in 2006, which was seven years before the PS4’s release and 14 years before the PS5’s intended launch.

While it can be fun to think of what the PS6 and future PlayStation consoles would look like, we’re still far away from seeing them. For now, let’s set our sights on the PlayStation 5 which is coming in Holiday 2020.

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Pokdepinion: You may think that it’s way too early for this but it does avoid potential trouble down the road. People are looking to profit just about anywhere these days.

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