Stardew Valley Hits 10 Million Sales Milestone

Indie success stories have been a regular part of the industry for quite a while now. With digital storefronts making it easier than ever to get games into the hands of the masses, titles that might have struggled to even get green lit by top tier publishers can now get a shot at fortune and glory. So was the case with Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone and his indie darling Stardew Valley.

Initially released only as a PC title, the game sold over a million copies within the first month. Once Stardew Valley went multiplatform, including on Nintendo Switch, the numbers started to really balloon. Barone revealed on his Twitter page that the title is now an outright phenomenon with ten million copies sold! It’s an amazing achievement after only four years of being available. Barone continues to support and update Stardew Valley, all while also having another project percolating in the background, so it will be very fascinating to see where the developer goes next.

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Source: Concerned Ape Twitter Page

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