Super Nintendo World Orlando Details Unveiled

There have been spy photos and small details leaked and revealed regarding Nintendo’s upcoming Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan, but beyond these tidbits, fans have been left wanting for more concrete information. One such desired fact that was previously floating up in the air had been where else fans can expect to see Super Nintendo World pop up beyond the borders of the motherland of Mario. Well, during an earnings conference call with Comcast executives (the company that owns Universal and its various IPs and theme parks), it turns out the East Coast of the United States will eventually be home to its own version of the attraction.

Universal Epic Universe is a new park coming to Orlando, Florida in 2023. Among the many other features that will be on offer at that location will be Super Nintendo World. The executives have a great deal of confidence in the Nintendo brand, apparently, stating that “based on [their] research, [Nintendo] is one of the biggest potential drivers of attendance that you could have of any kind of IP. It’s up there with Harry Potter.” Alongside Orlando and Japan, Universal will be bringing Super Nintendo World to its Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore locations, as well.

There’s a bunch of exciting potential for what Universal is doing with Super Nintendo World, including reported interaction with park goers in a way that has never been seen before. We’ll be sure to update as we learn more, and in the meantime you let us know what you think about the upcoming theme park!


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