Super Robot Wars BX announced!!!

If you’re a mecha fan (like me) or have been playing Super Robot Wars (SRW) for a period of time, well Nintendo 3DS system will be getting another installment of the SRW series.

I am not sure about you, but I didn’t even want to play the Vita series (SRW Z series). Not sure why, maybe the development took too long (imagine it was started at PS2 > PSP > PSV/PS3). So yeah, this one might get a little hype from me. If you’ve played UX before then you shouldn’t miss this chapter as well.

Some of the confirmed mecha involve in this series are already shown on the video. Some people will ask :


You What Mate? No Getter Series in SRW? WTF is this?

Yeah no getter series but it comes with 2 Mazinger series LOL. So will keep you posted when the next Promotional Video heads out. Will be making a pre-order for this game as well. Head on to my Facebook page on the URL referral to check out some of my new items that I pre-order/sold/selling as well.


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