Switch Lite Hacking News: SX OS finally works on Nintendo Switch Lite

Team Xecuter released an announcement for hacking Nintendo Switch Lite, it shows SX OS 3.0 can work on Nintendo Switch Lite, Can we use the SX OS to hack Nintendo Switch lite now? How can we use the sx os 3.0.0 to Crack Switch Lite? We will share the informations on the below.

Video: SX OS works on Nintendo Switch Lite for Playing Games

When it comes to hardware hacks, they’re all but a certainty given enough time, which is why we knew someone would eventually crack the Nintendo Switch Lite. The original Switch was cracked in about a month’s time by a few different people, showing off some of the capabilities of it beyond the OS. The Lite version took about two month’s time, but someone finally did it. That someone is Team-Xecuter, who documented their findings and even made a video showing off what they had done. Which you can find on their official site.

Indeed, on several occasions, they had announced that they had a hack for the new Switch models (patched and Lite), but that was only what they said. It’s now official and proven with a video showing their CFW on a Switch Lite. For the moment there is not much information: their CFW SX OS starts without dongle, nor PC connected in USB (probably via a chip integrated in the console), more information during 2020.

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According to the hackers, they have successfully managed to install a custom operating system on the new Switch Lite model. This was already possible on the original Switch model, but Nintendo released a hardware revision last year to remedy this. Team-Xecuter later claimed to have hacked this revision, although no real proof was provided. A video has now been released showing off the Switch Lite running SX OS 3.0. The use of this custom operating system allows users to install homebrew software on the Switch, including custom apps and possibly games as well.

Can SX OS work on Nintendo Switch Lite?

NO, we can not use sx os to hack Nintendo Switch Lite now, we all know that sx os version is 2.9.3 now, not sx os 3.0.0, it means we need to wait, but the sx pro and sx os can crack old or unpatched Nintendo Switch, before buying the sx pro or sx os, we still need to check switch serial number at first, compare your serial here to know if your Switch is patched or not.

To check if the Nintendo Switch is hackable or not or avoid to buy a New Switch, you can just find its serial number. The New Nintendo Switch units with serial number start from XKW or XKJ, which are 100% patched. This number can be found on the bottom of your Switch adjacent to the USB-C port, or in the Settings applet at System -> Serial Information.

  • Serials beginning with XAW1: Serials between XAW10000000000 – XAW10074000000 are safe to buy
  • Serials beginning with XAW4: Serials between XAW40000000000 – XAW40011000000 are safe to buy
  • Serials beginning with XAW7: Serials between XAW70000000000 – XAW70017800000 are safe to buy
  • Serials beginning with XAJ1: Serials between XAJ10000000000 – XAJ10020000000 are safe to buy
  • Serials beginning with XAJ4: Serials between XAJ40000000000 – XAJ40046000000 are safe to buy
  • Serials beginning with XAJ7: Serials between XAJ70000000000 – XAJ70040000000 are safe to buy

Of course, this does not list all the serial numbers. If you are not sure about your serial number, it is recommended that you still check it here: https://ismyswitchpatched.com/

How to crack Switch Lite to run SX OS CFW?

From the Maxconsole announcement, about a few months ago, they reported the first news about on hacking New Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, it now appears that the Team Xecuter team has been struggling to Crack Switch Lite with New Modchip.

Since the new ‘red box’ Mariko units appeared, people have been asking when will it be possible to run CFW on it, we have been given some advance news on a new solution that is coming soon, and that it in fact works on all new Switch models, not just the ‘patched’ ones, but even the ‘Mariko’, and ‘lite’ models as well, see below what they mentioned:

TX has recently taken the time to demonstrate to us some of their Work-In-Progress. Notably for ‘patched’ and ‘Mariko’ units which is very advanced, and works flawlessly. We were not given a firm date or prices yet, but knowing TX we know the price will be very reasonable. We also saw early beta for the Switch Lite console as well.

Summary: The Team Xecuter New products for hacking New Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite can be pre-order from Mod3dscard.com, we keep the touch with Team Xecuter, after the detailed date and final price release, we will share the news on our site.

Source : https://www.mod3dscard.com/blog/switch-lite-hacking-news-sx-os-finally-works-on-nintendo-switch-lite/

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