SX OS 2.9 released for Switch 9.0|Are we good to update to it?

Team Xecuter has just released SX OS 2.9 to support Switch 9.0.0 FW console. The V2.9 Beta SX OS is already available to download. However, a few of SX OS users reported black screen, bricked emunand, Custom/Super .XCI not working, instant banned problems after updating to SX OS 2.9, so it’s obvious that SX OS 2.9 isn’t recommended to be used for now, we should still stay on SX OS 2.8 and wait for another update, which should be out soon!

SX OS 2.9 and Switch 9.0.0

sx os 2.9 switch 9.0

SX OS 2.9 is the Only SX OS for Switch firmware version 9.0.0. It’s just released for less than 2 day by Now, it’s the second Switch CFW supporting V9.0.0, after the launching of Atmosphere 0.9.4.

SX OS v2.9 Beta Announcement

Today, we bring you a much needed update of SX OS. Full compatibility with the latest Switch firmware 9.0! Sorry that we kept you waiting, we wanted to make sure all our unique features still properly work.

Additionally, we also introduced support for the “Horizon split format”. This means that people who use FAT32 can have folders named ‘game.xci’ with split parts contained therein (named 00, 01, 02, etc.). Make sure the folder has the ‘archive’ bit set.

We know you are waiting for some other big features in SX OS, they are coming.. We wanted to get this compatibility update out first though.

So what are you waiting for? SX OS 2.9 beta is available for download on our website now! (and also through the builtin online updater part of SX OS.)

—< Team-Xecuter – Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! >—

Unluckily, though SX OS 2.9 released quickly for the latest Switch system console. It has been confirmed that this isn’t a Stable Update, it has many bugs needed to be resolved, otherwise many functions of SX OS CFW we won’t use. So TX also makes this Announcement in their forum.

From the team-xecuter website:

I still recommend staying on 8.1.0 or lower for now. There are problems with using the 2.9 boot.dat and ChoiDujourNX. But if you MUST update to 9.0.0. Then you will need to use the 2.8 boot.dat instead, and use ChoiDujourNX v1.0.2 to update. After it’s complete, then you can put the 2.9 boot.dat on the SD card.

We are also releasing a firmware package with SX installer tomorrow if you would rather wait until then.

Apologies for the inconvenience!’

All Issues, Errors and Problems on SX OS 2.9

Basically, many people have a black screen. The success of the update also appeared that XCI could not read directly, including the advanced XCI made with NSCB. Plus, we also collect many problems SX OS 2.9 users have on Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 firmware consoles, if you are in the same situation, we also suggest you a solution in the following to fix them.

About Emunand

  • I am on Sysnand 8.1, Emunand – tried to update to 9.0 with Choi 1.01 and SX 2.9. Obviously, like everyone else I got stuck downloading the new OS… now when i boot to emuNand I have a black screen.
  • I updated my emuNAND to 9.0 and it bricked, restoring BOOT 0/1 fixed it, however games will not load and .xci will not mount, homebrew still works.
  • I was running 8.1 on emunand and then decided to upgrade fw to 9.0 with Choi 1.1 and got the same flashing firmware stuck screen.
  • Can’t boot Emunand !! Black screen! Tried to reformat the sd card without success.

About Games

  • My problem is that this 2.9 BETA makes my custom xci games that have pre installed updates + dlc not playable UNTIL I converted it to NSP. Normal XCI games works fine, just not custom.
  • It looks like custom xci (super xci) and xci made from NSP don’t work. Regular XCI and the cartridge slot are fine though.

About Brick and Ban

  • Reading on the TX forums that some people are getting instantly banned from using sx os 2.9.

How to fix all bugs caused by SX OS 2.9 Beta?

First of all, it’s better not to update yet, let TX sort out the mess first. None of the games need 9.0, unless you really need online access for your legitimate games then perhaps you can take a risk with this.

If you already updated, here is some solution you may try to use.

Solution A: for anyone that has a bricked EMUNAND

1. Update SYSNAND to 9.0 through Nintendo’s regular method (if you have the option to/want to)
2. In SX bootloader, dump just the BOOT0 and BOOT1 (these will match your system and be good for 9.0 firmware)
3. Copy from SX\Backup to SX\emunand (rename the old boot0 and boot1 first!)
** Your EMUNAND should boot again but be kinda janky (no games work/xci mount) Homebrew is fine, back up your saves **
4. Boot into 9.0 with SXOS 2.9b and install Choi 1.01 and DOWNGRADE to 8.1 firmware
5. Reboot, system should be good now back on 8.1. Stay here or continue at your own risk!
6. Put SXOS 2.8b back on your SD card along with Choi 1.02 and boot it.
7. Update to 9.0 firmware while in EMUNAND and power down after the update
8. Put SXOS 2.9b on your SD and boot… pray!

Solution B: To those having problems

rcmloader one switch

Install Atmosphere. Boot to atmosphere. Redo choi update while in atmosphere. Then use 2.9 beta to boot to sxos. It should work if you are making the mistake of updating to 9.0 while using 2.9.

Lastly, so What’s the best method to hack Switch 9.0.0 to play homebrews and games?

Make a purchase on the RCM Loader or SX Gear dongle to boot Atmosphere 0.9.4 on your 9.0 Switch console. The Atmosphere update for Switch V9.0 is without any bugs, you can play .NSP games and launch homebrews very easily on your console. 

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