Man Reportedly Tried To Assassinate Genshin Impact Developers

A man over at Shanghai has reportedly tried to assassinate the team behind Genshin Impact, miHoYo. The post Man Reportedly

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miHoYo is Expanding Genshin Impact Development Team – More New Things On The Way?

miHoYo appears to be expanding their Genshin Impact development team with new hirings. This could be a big sign of

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Game Dev Kills Rumour on PS5 Running Fake 4K 60FPS

With rumours running rampant on the PS5 running fake 4K 60FPS and not being able to truly pull it off,

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Sony Said To Be Investing for Massive 3rd Party Exclusive Content on PS5

In a clear effort to solidify their position in the next gen console wars, Sony has apparently invested for a

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Apex Legends Developers Call Players “Freeloaders” – A Raging Storm Ensues

Apex Legends Developers Call Players “Freeloaders” If you enjoy playing Apex Legends, then this might leave a bad taste in

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Sony Looking to Acquire More Game Dev Studios Ahead of PS5 Launch

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been bolstering their game development sector with acquisitions of a number of game development

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