Rumor Killer: Is Genshin Impact Shutting Down?

Recently, rumors have started surfacing on Genshin Impact potentially shutting down. With such a successful run, it’s weird for this

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miHoYo Gearing Up to Create New AAA Shooter Game

After the worldwide success of Genshin Impact, miHoYo is gearing up to create a new AAA shooter game, currently codenamed

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Sega is Partnering with Microsoft for Next Gen Cloud Gaming Service

In what could be the biggest partnership in the games industry, Sega and Microsoft are coming together for a next

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Apple Made More Profits with Games Than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Combined

Despite not developing games themselves, Apple has apparently made more profits in games than Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo combined. The

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PlayStation 5 Officially Hits 10 Million Sales Milestone

It’s official. The PlayStation 5 has surpassed the 10 million sales mark, which means it could be the fastest-selling PlayStation

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Hideo Kojima Doesn’t Like Director’s Cut Naming for Death Stranding

After the announcement of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Hideo Kojima has voiced his dislike for the added naming for the

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PlayStation Has Bought Over Housemarque – Bluepoint Games May Be Next

PlayStation has officially bought over Housemarque, the game studio behind recent PlayStation-exclusive Returnal. Bluepoint Games may be next. The post

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miHoYo is Expanding Genshin Impact Development Team – More New Things On The Way?

miHoYo appears to be expanding their Genshin Impact development team with new hirings. This could be a big sign of

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Cyberpunk 2077 Development Only Began 4 Years After Announcement

New reports have revealed how sketchy the development of Cyberpunk 2077 was, including the fact that it only started 4

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