Days Gone PC VS PS4 Comparison – It Works A Lot Better Now

Wondering if Days Gone plays better on PC or on PS4? Here’s a detailed comparison between the two versions of

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Gamers Hideout Apologizes for PS5 Pre-Order PWP Bundle

With regards to the recent PS5 PWP bundle purchase debacle, Gamers Hideout has formally apologized in an open letter to

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miHoYo Addresses iOS Clipboard Snooping Allegations in Genshin Impact

With regards to Genshin Impact snooping on the clipboard for iOS devices, miHoYo has responded to the allegations and it’s

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miHoYo Denies Using Genshin Impact as Spyware to Steal Personal Data

Game developer miHoYo has denied allegations that Genshin Impact has been used to spread spyware to steal personal data. The

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ROG Phone 3 Series announced from RM2999 — the best bang-for-buck gaming phone?

The new ROG Phone 3 series are now officially available in Malaysia, priced from RM2999 for the best mobile gaming

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