Official English Releases for Trails To Azure and Trails From Zero Unveiled

We have official confirmation that the English releases for The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure and Trails from Zero

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Days Gone PC VS PS4 Comparison – It Works A Lot Better Now

Wondering if Days Gone plays better on PC or on PS4? Here’s a detailed comparison between the two versions of

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Valve May Port Steam Exclusives Over to Console Gaming

Valve President Gabe Newell hinted at a chance that Valve may port over Steam exclusive PC games over to console

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Epic Games Working on Full-fledged Rocket League Mobile Game

Epic Games is reportedly working on Rocket League Mobile, bringing the full Rocket League experience to both Android and iOS.

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Catherine: Full Body Review – Still As Exhilarating As Ever

Catherine: Full Body Review What is Catherine: Full Body About? The enhanced remake of the game with the same name,

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