Tales of Xillia 2 trailer

It may be out in Japan already, but next month those in the west will get a taste of the sequel Tales of Xillia 2. Take a look at the trailer below.

The game will feature new characters, with the setting moving from Rieze Maxia to Elympios, which was just touched on at the end of the first game. Our main heroes this time are Ludger Kresnik, a brash 20 year old that ends up caring for an 8 year old girl, Elle Marta, after a tragic train accident. The sequel won’t tell the story this time around from two perspectives, as it did with the first game where you could play as either Jude or Milla, which had you experience some differences in gameplay. This time one playthrough should allow you to see most everything. Some familiar characters will return, and the combat system has been tweaked again for this new Tales title. If you have a save from Tales of Xillia, you’ll be granted some special stuff in the new game. Things are looking quite interesting for this PS3 exclusive.

Stay tuned for our review following its release on August 19.


Thomas Juretus

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