Team Of AIBots Obliterate World’s Best Human Players In Dota 2

by Raja Idris

“Playing against bots in DoTA 2? Mehh, that’s easy”, have you ever thought of that in some ways in your life? Well think again. An AI platform which was developed by OpenAI may have something to show on that.

OpenAI Bots Owning Pro Dota 2 Players

It was an exhibition match which was streamed live on Twitch. It featured ex-pro Dota 2 Players Blitz, Cap, Fogged, Merlini, and also MoonMeander.

Playing a game of a best-of-three,  the AI man-handled their opponents in the first round in JUST 21 minutes. That is considered fast if you take in the fact that normal games can last you up to more than 1 hour (we’ve seen that before, haven’t we?). If that wasn’t disturbing for you, the AI predicted the win percentage probability that the bots had by seeing their opponents hero teams, it reached 95%.

In round two, the percentage dropped to 76%. Despite that, the bots still crushed the puny humans in just 25 minutes.

Although by theory, the bots had already won (since it was the best out of three), the organizers made it more interesting by letting the audience to choose heroes for the OpenAI Five. Given a team full of heroes it didn’t knew how to play, it predicted 17% of a winning chance. Finally, they lost, though they still put up a fight in a 35-minute battle.


Pokdepinion: Don’t be surprised that AI will be stopping at just Dota 2….

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