The Best Builds For Mobile Legends Latest Hero Yin

Yin is the most recent hero for Mobile Legends, and he was released back in January 2022. He is a Martial Genius (Fighter Class) and is the first hero to be established as a member of the Forsaken Light.

In this article, we will be focusing more on how to utilize or use Yin while using the best builds so you can dominate in Mobile Legends matches. If you want to get more of an advantage, you could always get some Mobile Legends Diamonds from OffGamers here!



First of all, to be able to properly use Yin, let us start with Yin’s abilities and as a fighter, he can deal really heavy blows to anyone.


Passive – Leave It to Me

Yin’s passive skill, Leave It to Me, gives him a slight buff giving him increased damage of 125% when there are no allied heroes within 4 yards. This makes him ideal for a solo lane (EXP Lane) or a jungler.


Skill 1 – Charged Punch

When activated, Yin will deliver an enhanced basic attack that deals +100% extra physical attack damage, and if successful, he will throw another charged punch forward dealing +200% extra physical attack damage to enemies in his path (rectangular area in front of him). 

Additionally, he will gain 60% extra movement speed for 3 seconds, and throwing a successful Charged Punch will reduce the cooldown by 35%.

This skill is his bread and butter, and the additional movement speed can help him kite enemies or deal the final blow easier.


Skill 2 – Instant Blast

Instant Blast is Yin’s blink, so when activated, he will dash forward leaving golden rings behind him. He will deal +35% extra physical attack damage to enemies who got hit. Moreover, he gets a damage reduction of 25% for 4 seconds if he successfully hits an enemy.

Lastly, the golden rings he left behind will go back to him after 1 second, and it deals +70% extra physical attack damage and stunning the enemies that got hit as it goes back to Yin.

Being a blink skill, this is automatically helpful if you are retreating and if you are pushing an enemy. Plus, it is helpful that the golden rings will give him damage reduction plus stunning anyone that gets hit. It will be very helpful in the latter part of the match.


Ultimate – My Turn

Yin’s ultimate pulls an enemy to a domain for 8 seconds where he transforms into Lieh, a much more powerful being. Lieh has stronger skills and has extra physical defence and magic defence. Furthermore, the two players inside the domain will not be affected by anything surrounding them; it is a 1v1 all throughout the 8 seconds.

Lieh has different skills as well, but these skills really give him an advantage in the domain:


Skill 1 – Frenzy Strike

When activated, Lieh smashes an area up to 10 times. Each smash deals +120% extra physical attack damage to his enemy and slows them by 75% for 0.2 seconds.

Lieh will be immune to control effects for the duration. The first half of his smashes can be controlled, and it automatically locks on to the nearby enemy, but the second half will be locked in a single direction. Moreover, the speed of his smashing will increase gradually until the latter half of the skill when it is the fastest.

If you are in the latter half of the skill, you may move or cast other skills to cancel it.


Skill 2 – Instant Blast

Similar to Yin’s skill, Lieh will strike forward leaving golden rings in the process. The extra damage and other buffs are the same, but enemies will be slightly knocked back, and when the golden rings hit them, they will be stunned for 1.25 seconds.

A great combo is Instant Blast + Frenzy Strike right after to deal maximum damage.


Best Emblem to Use for Yin

There are two emblems best for Yin, and this will depend on how you will play him.

A Fighter Emblem with the talent Disabling Strike or Festival of Blood will make Yin a very powerful fighter, especially in the early game. The former will make use of his passive skill, while the latter will be useful for its spell vamp buff.

However, as many players have said, the best emblem for him is the Assassin Emblem with High and Dry talent due to the fact that this plays very well with his skills and ultimate as Yin/Lieh will get more additional damage.


Best Spell for Yin

Here are also the best spells for Yin:

  • Execute – No one can escape if you have this spell and your low-health enemy is trying to retreat.
  • Flicker – this is always a good spell to have on any hero, but for a fighter, this helps tremendously when you are pushing an enemy or if you are retreating.


Best Builds for Yin

Sustained DPS Build

Yin can be a very good sustained DPS build since he can solo anyone who is on the same lane as him. With this fact, it is best for him to have offensive items that will give him more powerful strikes as he uses his skills with cooldown reduction.


  • Warrior Boots – This is essential for Yin, especially in the early game for his physical defence. You may use Tough Boots (magic defence) depending on your opponent’s lineup.
  • War Axe – A very good core item for Yin since it provides a good amount of Physical Attack damage, additional HP, and it also helps with the cooldown reduction of your skills.
  • Blades of Despair – it provides a very high physical attack for Yin which buffs his physical damage greatly and it also provides small movement speed.
  • Brute Force Breastplate – This gives Yin +770 HP and + 45 physical defence. The passive skill for this item also buffs his movement speed and both physical and magic defence which can be stacked up to 5 times.
  • Bloodlust Axe – if you use a Fighter Emblem with Festival of Blood, you may opt for Bloodlust Axe since it has a 20% spell vamp buff.
  • Immortality – More HP and more defence for Yin, plus its passive skill to resurrect upon death is very helpful for Yin.


Offlaner/Attack Build

If you are planning to be the offlaner on your team or have an attack build, then there will be minor tweaks on the build.

  • Warrior Boots – This is essential for Yin, especially in the early game for his physical defence. You may use Tough Boots (magic defence) depending on your opponent’s lineup.
  • War Axe – A very good core item for Yin since it provides a good amount of Physical Attack damage, additional HP, and it also helps with the cooldown reduction of your skills.
  • Endless Battle – has various buffs such as additional HP, more damage, 10% life steal, 10% cooldown reduction, and 5% movement speed.
  • Hunter Strike – provides additional physical attack and physical penetration. This also provides a 10% cooldown reduction
  • Malefic Roar – provides more physical penetration damage, so it will be very useful against tanks.



Yin is a formidable addition to the fighter’s class roster. With the right build, he is powerful enough all throughout the phases in the game, and his ultimate is really good at removing key opponents of the match to gank them.

How is your experience with Yin? Do you have your own build for him?

Let us know in the comments section below! Leet Gamers Asia
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