The Day We Fought Space is an intense shoot ’em up with a wild arsenal and vibrant art style

Developer Tursiops Truncatus Studios’ The Day We Fought Space is an upcoming shoot ’em up that looks to offer a novel take on the classic alien-blasting experience, from its intense battles to its distinct visual design.

Combat is clearly incredibly aggressive, demanding that you constantly thrust yourself into the heat of battle. Being always on the offensive makes it somewhat distinct from the average side-scrolling shooter, which usually rely more on learning patterns and nailing down precise timings to get an in.

Your arsenal is varied and exciting in how different it is from the standard machine guns and rockets. You have razor-sharp saws, giant wrecking balls, and even a pinball launcher with which to decimate the competition. Huge chain reactions can be executed in order to take out multiple enemies at once and get an impressive combo going.

You’ll be able to upgrade and personalise your ship to handle anything that gets thrown your way, and the simple two-handed touch controls allow for precise, satisfying attacks. It’s also worth noting that the world is procedurally generated to offer replayable scenarios and a fresh challenge with each run.

Further setting The Day We Fought Space apart is its distinct visual style. It’s genuinely vibrant, popping with colour and explosions aplenty. The aesthetic is said to be inspired by retro-futuristic artwork from sci-fi comics and pulp novels of yore.

The story involves a diverse cast of characters and tells the tale of humanity’s struggle to reclaim its home system from violent alien colonists. All told, it looks really quite different and interesting from a gameplay, visual, and story standpoint.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, you’ll find The Day We Fought Space available from the App Store at a later date. 

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