The Grisaia Trilogy for Switch launches November 7 in the west

The Grisaia Trilogy

Prototype will release the The Grisaia Trilogy for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on November 7 in North America and Europe, listings on the Nintendo eShop confirm.

In Japan, The Grisaia Trilogy is due out for Switch both physically and digitally on the same day. The Japanese version is the same as the western version, supporting both English and Japanese text options.

Here is an overview of the collection, via


The Fruit of Grisaia series appears in a brand new collection!

For the first time since its humble beginnings as a PC game, and after the handheld, manga, and anime adaptations that followed, the complete The Fruit of Grisaia Trilogy is now available on the Nintendo Switch system in one complete collection!

Set in an academy isolated from the outside world, the heart-rending tales of five heroines begins!

The whole The Fruit of Grisaia series in one bundle!

All of the episodes below from The Fruit of Grisaia, The Labyrinth of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia, and The Fruit of Grisaia: Side Episode previously released on handheld consoles are now included in one bundle for your enjoyment!

  • The Fruit of Grisaia
  • The Cocoon of Caprice
  • The Seed of Blanc Aile
  • Prologue
  • After Stories (all five Stories)
  • Short Stories (all 29 Stories)
  • The Leisure of Grisaia
  • The Afterglow of Grisaia
  • The Melody of Grisaia

Text available in Japanese or English!

Text can be set to either Japanese or English (audio is Japanese only). This includes in-game text, options, and the digital manual. Language settings can be changed at any time.

Play using only the touch screen! Play with one hand!

Play in handheld mode with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers attached, or detach them and play with just the touch controls! While in tabletop mode or TV mode, everything can be controlled by one Joy-Con controller, allowing you to play with only one hand!

The Fruit of Grisaia is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite system.


A single male student enrolls into Mihama Private Academy, a mysterious school surrounded by tall walls on every side.

His name is Yuuji Kazami.

Tired of being controlled by a sinister destiny, and a “job” that offers him no purpose in life, Yuuji takes some time away to get a taste of the student life.

The only other students enrolled at the school are five girls.

As Yuuji gets to know the girls, and gets used to their unique personalities, he begins to unravel the reasons for their enrollment.

He may not think of himself as anything special, but he may just be the salvation the girls need to save themselves from the darkness that looms over them.

Bound to a past that keeps catching up with him, Yuuji’s battle begins as he encounters a series of events that will change the unwritten laws of his world.

This is the story of the six Fruits of Grisaia fighting back against the world…


  • Character Design and Art: Akio Watanabe and Fumio
  • Chibi Character Design: Nanaca Mai
  • Script: Nachi Kio, Ryuta Fujisaki, Yoshikazu Kuwashima, Kazuya, and Eiji Narumi
  • Soundtrack: Elements Garden, Pixelbee, and Fuminori Matsumoto

*Full voice acting (main character is unvoiced).

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