The Sims 4 Career Cheats Guide

Last week we have written for you a list of Basic the Sims 4 cheats. There you will find all the cheats related to relationship cheats, build mode cheats another sims 4 cheats but only from the basic game. All of them will work with any other DLC, but now we will continue our series of posts to tell you about all other cheats in the Sims 4. This time you will learn all cheat codes related to a career in The Sims.

The Sims 4 List of Careers

You will need to know exact names of all the Sims 4 careers to use cheat codes correctly. So here is a full list of all current professions in the Sims 4. Even those that will appear in the Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle in a couple of weeks.

The Sims 4 Full-time and freelance careers:

  • Astronaut
  • Athletic
  • Business
  • Civil Designer (will appear in Eco Lifestyle)
  • Conservationist
  • Criminal
  • Critic
  • Culinary
  • Education
  • Engineer
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Freelancer
  • Gardener
  • Law
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medicine
  • Painter
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Secret Agent
  • Social Media
  • Tech Guru
  • Writer
The Sims 4 List of Careers

Some of the cheat codes can contain other names. Like activist in cheat code promotes a politician. Also, don’t forget that all full-time careers in the Sims 4 have two different branches. You can see all of them here.

After-classes activities

  • Drama Club (kids and teens)
  • Scout (kids and teens)
  • E-Sports Competitor (students)
  • Soccer Team Player (students)

The Sims 4 Part-time jobs:

  • Babysitter
  • Barista
  • Diver
  • Fast Food Employee
  • Fisherman
  • Lifeguard
  • Manual Laborer
  • Retail Employee

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Some of the careers above are fore teens only. Except for Diver, Fisherman and Lifeguard. These ones you can take as a grownup.

The Sims 4 promotion cheats

First of all, you’ll need to call the input window. Simply press Ctrl + Shift + C together. After that is is useful to turn on testing mode. Write in the input testingcheats true and press Enter. After that, you might want to add all the hidden objects in the building mode related to career. To do so write bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement in the input and press Enter. Now you are all set up for entering The Sims 4 career cheats.

Sims 4 full-time career cheats

Cheat Code Effect
careers.promote Activist Get promoted in the Politician career
careers.promote Actor Get promoted in the Acting career
careers.promote Astronaut Get promoted in the Astronaut career
careers.promote Athletic Get promoted in the Athlete career
careers.promote Business Get promoted in the Business career
careers.promote careers_Adult_CivilDesigner Get promoted in the Civil Designer career
careers.promote Conservationist Get promoted in the Conservationist career
careers.promote Criminal Get promoted in the Criminal career
careers.promote careers_adult_Critic Get promoted in the Critic career
careers.promote Culinary Get promoted in the Culinary career
careers.promote Detective Get promoted in the Detective career
careers.promote Doctor Get promoted in the Doctor career
careers.promote careers_Adult_Education Get promoted in the Education career
careers.promote careers_Adult_Engineer Get promoted in the Engineering career
careers.promote Entertainer Get promoted in the Entertainer career
careers.promote Adult_Gardener Get promoted in the Gardener career
careers.promote careers_Adult_Law Get promoted in the Law career – Judge & Private Attorney
careers.promote Military Get promoted in the Military career
careers.promote Painter Get promoted in the Painter career
careers.promote adult_active_Scientist Get promoted in the Scientist career
careers.promote SecretAgent Get promoted in the Secret Agent career
careers.promote SocialMedia Get promoted in the Social Media career
careers.promote Influencer Get promoted in the Style Influencer career
careers.promote TechGuru Get promoted in the TechGuru career
careers.promote Writer Get promoted in the Writer career

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Sims 4 Part-time career cheats

Cheat Code Effect
careers.promote PartTime_Babysitter Get promoted as Babysitter
careers.promote PartTime_Barista Get promoted as Barista
careers.promote PartTime_Diver Get promoted as Diver
careers.promote career_Volunteer_E-Sports Get promoted as volunteer in E-Sports
careers.promote PartTime_FastFood Get promoted as Fast Food Employee
careers.promote PartTime_Fisherman Get promoted as Fisherman
careers.promote PartTime_Lifeguard Get promoted as Lifeguard
careers.promote PartTime_Manual Get promoted as Manual Laborer
careers.promote PartTime_Retail Get promoted as Retail Employee
careers.promote careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeam Get promoted as volunteer in the Soccer Team

Sims 4 School and teens career cheats

Cheat Code Effect
careers.promote Teen_Babysitter Get promoted as Babysitter
careers.promote Teen_Barista Get promoted as Barista
careers.promote Teen_FastFood Get promoted as Fast Food Employee
careers.promote Teen_Lifeguard Get promoted as Lifeguard
careers.promote Teen_Manual Get promoted as Manual Laborer
careers.promote Teen_Retail Get promoted as Retail Employee
careers.promote Scout Get promoted in the Scout career
careers.promote DramaClub Get promoted in the Drama Club
careers.promote Gradeschool Raise a Child’s Grade Performance in Grade school
careers.promote Highschool Raise a Child’s Grade Performance in Highschool

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Also, there are some odd careers. It means that you can take one time job, more like a task and earn some extra money fast. But you have a rating with stars. If you succeed frequently your rating gets higher and new jobs appear on the list. We can teach you how to get more stars with cheats. We include it into the list of other sims career cheats below.

Cheat Code Effect
careers.add_career {careername} Add a career to your Sim
careers.remove_career {careername} Quit Career
Careers.retire {careername} Quit your career and receive a pension every week
Sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas {SimID} Change career outfit in Create a Sim
careers.promote OddJob Promote the odd job rating with more stars

If you need to input Sim’s ID you can retrieve it with the following cheat: Sims.get_sim_id_by_name {Firstname} {Lastname}. Naturally, that in these marks {} you don’t need to write. But you need to replace it with the necessary name and surname.

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That’s it for now. You know everything possible about getting a promotion in the Sims 4 by using cheats. After these cheating guides we will have a series of the Sims guides where we will tell how to be successful in The Sims universe without cheats. So stay tuned! 😉

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