These great Epic Store exclusives come to Steam this week

Telltale’s hit series The Walking Dead is returning to Steam this week after many months in the wilderness. Seasons One and Two have not been on the storefront since Telltale’s collapse in 2018, while Season Three – A New Frontier and Season Four – The Final Season have never before been on Steam thanks to their Epic Games Store exclusivity. This week, however, all four collections will be available in Valve’s shop.

The news was announced in a press release from the games’ new publisher, Skybound. The company said each season will cost $15 on Steam and on the Nintendo Eshop for Switch players. (We’ve reached out to Skybound to ask about UK pricing.) A specific release date was not announced, but “this week” implies the games will have launched by the end of Sunday, January 26.

The Walking Dead is getting a new entry this week, meanwhile. Titled The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, it’s a VR action game that appears not to be connected to Telltale’s series – instead, it’s developed by Skydance Interactive. The game launches on January 23.

Separately, another ex-Telltale series, The Wolf Among Us, is getting a second season at new studio AdHoc.

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