This Secret PS4 Tip Lets You See Hidden Trophies / Achievements

The PlayStation 4 console is almost 6 years old at this point, as it was first launched on 15th November 2013. At this point, you would think that we’d have known everything there is to know about the console inside and out but it turns out, there’s a secret PS4 tip that no one has discovered until recently.

According to a Reddit user r/RockyBalbubba, he mentioned that there is a way to reveal hidden trophies for games. All you have to do is simply:

  • Select the hidden trophy
  • Press X to view its details screen
  • Then press the Square button

With those simple steps, you should now be able to see the hidden trophy and its details. It’s a pretty interesting PS4 tip, isn’t it? Hidden trophies / achievements were made that way as it can contain spoilers for the game. It was designed that way to protect gamers from a ruined gaming experience, which is especially important for story-driven games. It’s also interesting to note how no one else has discovered this since the console’s launch.

Interestingly, the PlayStation UK Twitter account picked up on it and tweeted out the information. This of course led to a flood of replies with people saying they had no idea this was a thing and they wish they knew this before. PlayStation then cheekily responded with ”and that’s why you always read the system software update notes”.

Of course, there are plenty of tips and tricks for the PlayStation 4. We’ve even covered some ourselves in this post right here. There is actually more, and we’ll be covering on that in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned to for more tips and tricks, not just on the PS4, but for everything under the tech and gaming umbrella.

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