Top 5 Most Impressive-Looking Xbox One Exclusives

Microsoft’s E3 presentation may have been negatively received, but their selection of console exclusives (for the most) sure wasn’t! The following exclusives will be a deciding factor for people looking to buy a Xbox One, and who can blame them as they are quite impressive, to say the least.

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza 5 is the newest installment in the self-proclaimed best racing franchise of the past gen. It’s looking to be quite beautiful. A groundbreaking new AI mechanic known as “Driveatar”, has been promised to mimic human intelligence, mainly yours (for better or worse) and race against other players while you’re away/busy. It’s a very revolutionary idea; in order to completely phase out human input for the impending insect overlords, we need concepts like this.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse is a gorgeous hack-and-slash, made up of combat, QTEs, and having an entire army at your disposal. As you brutally and graphically slice through enemies, you can command your army to commander catapults, to name just one example. Originally slated as a Kinect-exclusive first-person game, the Kinect is still to play some part of the game, but will be completely optional.

Sunset Overdrive

Not much is known about Insomniac Games’, creators of Ratchet and Clank, Spyro, and Resistance; new game, Sunset Overdrive, besides the fact that it will utilize the Xbox One’s cloud to some varying degree of it’s potential; the reason for it’s exclusivity; it will be multiplayer, and will contain that signature brand of over-the-top, colorful action that is Insomniac’s namesake.

Dead Rising 3 

Dead Rising 3 takes the sandbox zombie-slaying of the past 3 games, adds guns, vehicles and sets it in a gritty, post-apocalyptic city, looking like it’s going to play as the best Resident Evil this side of 4. It will make the silly, wacky mood of 2 completely optional; meaning if you want to play it is as the gritty horror game it is, you can; or you can dress up in silly outfits, and do all kinds of crazy s***. Gunplay has been incorporated, to allow for more play-styles besides melee; if you want you can play it as a TPS, or as the hack-and-slash the others have been, or mix it up!

Smartglass will be integrated as a source of optional missions, given to you straight through your phone, by some dude hidden in a military base; and can also be used to airstrike large groups of zombies that you’d rather not deal with (though I’m sure there’s some sort of limit).


Easily the most impressive Xbox One exclusive shown off at E3, Titanfall, is a multiplayer-only FPS, by the former Call of Duty alumni; incorporating many cinematic, single-player elements, such as a cast of supporting characters, and cutscenes; and some truly groundbreaking parkour mechanics, never attempted (well) in an FPS before. Titanfall refers to the mech suit that drops from your ship, which you can pilot, and will aide you in your plight against other players and titans. It is an impressive, technically-proficient shooter, with some truly revolutionary ideas; the next step forward for the genre. If they can pull this off, it could very-well be one of the best FPS’ ever made. (And yes, I’m aware that Titanfall is going to be on PC and Xbox 360, as well as Xbox One. It’s on here because it’s a “generational exclusive”; and the 360 version will not be utilizing the cloud technology for a smoother, better gaming experience.)

There. Proof that the Xbox One is still in the game, and will be a respectable competitor to Sony’s PS4. Whatever console you go with this gen, please: don’t be a jerk, because then you’re nothing but a sad piece of garbage, who doesn’t deserve the skin you inhabit. This has been a rigbybot127 public service announcement.

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2 years 10 months ago

Look forward to all of them.

2 years 10 months ago

but.. titanfall.. its not exclusiv? im getting it on pc (preorder), is it wrong, and only coming (therby exclusiv) on xbox one?