Upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides Update Will Possibly Introduce The Game’s Most Overpowered Gun

Rainbow Six Siege has changed down the years, with new operators, guns, and maps being introduced, affecting the game’s meta. Now with the game’s latest Shifting Tides update, the new operators will probably be picked a lot.

Shifting Tides will see the introduction of two new operators; Kali and Wamai. If you’re looking for a character that packs the firepower, Kali is definitely the one for you. Her CSRX 300 is a bolt-action rife where a single shot can penetrate seven layers of unbarricaded walls.

As you can see from the video, it is actually a sniper rifle, making Kali the second sniper around after Glaz. Aside from the power that her rifle offers, she differs by having 5x or 12x zoom for her weapon, making her the an operator to be wary about from long distances.

Her drawback? Well her shots leave a straight bullet trail, which can notify defenders of where exactly she is. Though a shot to the body will instantly down an enemy, those who get shot by here will instantly turn and face the direction that she shot from.

Her gadget, the LV Explosive Lance also comes in handy. It acts like Ash’s Breaching Rounds, where it can stick to any surface and detonate after a short while. It can destroy most gadgets, even from the other side of the wall.

We then move on to Wamai, a defender that comes with MAG-NET, a gadget that acts like a…magnet. They will pull and attract grenades, throwables, Capitao’s arrows and more.

He acts as an alternative for Jaeger but with an advantage, his gadget refills over time, similar to Lesion. It’s worth noting that his gadget will only destroy a single object, so you will probably need to plant more than one in a place to prevent Fuze attacks.

Last but not least, the update will bring in a rework to the map Theme Park, where the trainyard has been completely cut off.

Pokdepinion: They will be picked often, especially Kali, I can guarantee that.

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