Valorant Neon Character Guide

Valorant recently launched their Episode 4: Disruption Act 1, and with this, a new Valorant agent was formally introduced, and her name is Neon.

Riot Games had been teasing her release for quite a while with easter eggs, teasers, and finally an awesome trailer for her character.

In this article, we will be your guide on what her abilities are, and how you can utilize her in the game.


Who is Neon?

Neon is a Filipino and the 19th agent in Valorant. She is the fastest agent in the game right now since she is the only agent that can sprint. 

This makes her a good entry agent especially if you have very good aim or are really good at using Duelist agents. It also means that she can cover more ground so she can easily back up both plant sites if she is on defence.



Neon abilities focus on speed and mobility, which is essential in Valorant. How her signature ability works are very similar to how Viper’s ability works, you have an energy bar that you can use until depleted, and it will auto regenerate if it is not being used. 

Here is a deep dive on each ability:

  • High Gear (Signature) 

Neon’s signature is High Gear, this ability (press E) makes her run faster until she consumes all her energy. By pressing the ALT FIRE, you can trigger her electric slide, which is great for clearing corners. You can only use this once, but it will be recharged every two kills.

You can use this skill to flank enemies since you can easily run from point A to point B, and you can easily outrun people with Operators.

The only issue when using this ability is that you cannot shoot your gun and it takes a second for Neon to pull it back out, which is crucial when you encounter someone by surprise.


  • Fast Lane (300) 

This ability (press C) is very similar to Phoenix’s Blaze, but Neon can create two straight walls instead. It blocks vision, and it hurts the enemies that will go through the walls. 

This works best for entering a site with your whole team, or use it even if you are playing solo especially if you are confident enough with your aim. Make sure to use High Gear for flanking or entering a site so you can clear it faster. On the other hand, it can be used to escape from multiple enemies.

Be careful with sprays though since that is the best counter for this ability especially if it is a tight corridor.


  • Relay Bolt (200)

Neon does not have a flash skill to blind her opponents, but she does have a stun skill. She can get up to two Relay Bolts (press Q), which works similarly to Killjoy’s ultimate or Breach’s Faultline.

Relay Bolt also bounces once before triggering and electrifying the ground below it. This can incapacitate multiple enemies at once as its area of effect is quite big. This ability can be good for clearing tight spots or scaring away potential campers. 

The only issues are if it did not bounce in the direction you want, since the radius can get smaller if it is near the wall, and your team can get stunned if they are inside the radius as well. Make sure to aim well and remember to stay clear of your teammates.


  • Overdrive (Ultimate)

Neon’s ultimate skill, Overdrive (press X), is the perfect ultimate for someone who zooms past everyone. This ability unleashes a powerful lightning beam (like Palpatine from Star Wars) that is highly accurate even if you are moving. In short, there is no recoil.

Moreover, you run faster when you use your ultimate, which is very similar if your High Gear is on. Thus, you can slide too, and it even gets reset if you already use it in the round, and then you use your ultimate.

Take note that the duration of this activity is short, so it is best for engaging enemies. However, this is one of the abilities that could give you an Ace easily if you’ve played your cards right since the ultimate resets when you kill someone.


Best Teammates For Neon


Neon is such a self-sustaining duelist, which technically means she can hold her own using her own skills without the help of others.

However, Valorant is a team game, and Neon may benefit more when she has a good team around her.



Sova and Cypher are great initiators to have on every team, and Neon mains will need a hand in checking where the locations of their enemies are.

Utilizing her sprint and slide when Sova or Cypher tags an enemy can be a crucial way to kill an opponent as well.



Healing in Valorant may be the least needed utility especially on higher ranks, but for a duelist who does not have any self-healing skills, Sage or Skye is an amazing support for Neon mains, considering Neon usually does entry or flank enemies.



Astra’s Gravity Well is easily a good combo with Neon’s Relay Bolt since it may stun more opponents when they are dragged into the middle. 

You can even say that Astra’s ultimate works well with Neon’s sprint and ultimate too since you can surprise your opponents. The audio will be heavily dampened, so you can move around easily without getting detected.



Several teams usually have 2 duelists on a team, and Reyna may be a good tandem for the duo duelist combo. Her one-sided blind skill, Leer, can surely help Neon’s ultimate especially during engagement as the opponents are busy targeting Reyna’s blind spot.



Neon is probably overpowered when you master her skills, especially her ultimate which makes her basically a killing machine.

She is also a breath of fresh air since she is very different from any duelist, and she can do unique things like covering more ground using her sprint or using her Fast Lane to do an entry on a site.

We can probably see Neon in more meta teams as time goes by, which is good as there will be more parity in competitive matches.

What do you think of Neon? Have you used her already? Let us know your tips and tricks on using her in the comment section below. If you’re in need of some Valorant Gift Cards, you can get some from OffGamers here! Leet Gamers Asia
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