Valve: “We didn’t talk about Half-Life because we weren’t actively working on Half-Life”

Half-Life returns in a matter of months, and while Valve’s VR adventure is not Half-Life 3, the Half-Life: Alyx release date will bring us the first proper addition to the story in a decade. But why has Valve been so secretive all this time when it comes to the groundbreaking series of FPS games? According to the developers, it’s simply because they didn’t have anything to talk about. “Half-Life isn’t like Fight Club – there was never a first rule of ‘we must never speak of it!’ over the last decade or so,” Valve says in a Reddit AMA. “The real answer is super simple: We didn’t talk about Half-Life for a long time because we weren’t actively working on a Half-Life game.” Bits and pieces of games that might’ve become Half-Life 3 have leaked over the years, but it’s all been pieces of concept art and early prototypes – nothing that suggest a fully-realised game concept had made it into proper production. Despite all the speculation (and memes), it seems a proper new Half-Life never truly got underway until Alyx. Source :

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