Valve’s Index sales spike means Half-Life: Alyx might just save PC VR

Valve Index sales more than doubled in the months surrounding the announcement of Half-life: Alyx, demonstrating that a killer app can supercharge VR adoption as intended. Either that or Half-Life fans are so desperate to play fresh official content they’ll move mountains to do so. According to data gathered by SuperData, the Valve Index sold 103K units in Q4, which was more than double its sales in Q3. Perhaps it’s just the Christmas spirit taking hold, but we’d also suppose that surge is in large part due to the announcement of Half-Life 2 prequel, Half-Life Alyx, in November. Since the game broke cover, Half-Life fans have stormed digital storefronts to purchase Valve’s maiden VR headset, the Valve Index, by all counts the best VR headset experience on the market today. The Index is out of stock globally, but Valve is aiming for it to be available before Half-Life: Alyx’s release date this March. You’d best sign up for notifications over on the store page if you’re hoping to experience the best of the best. Source :

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