Wargroove: Double Trouble Expansion Out Now

Wargroove is the exact sort of game that fans of strategy RPGs in the vein of Nintendo’s Advance Wars series had been waiting for what felt like eons to arrive until it hit Nintendo Switch last year. Wargroove is all of the military-based strategizing that series is known for, but wrapped in a fantasy veneer. It’s been a joy to play since launch, but this past October developer Chucklefish revealed that a free batch of DLC would be coming to the title and making it, in theory, even more awesome than it already is.

Well, that DLC, dubbed Wargroove: Double Trouble, is now live and ready for download! Here’s what comes in the expansion:

Those three additional commanders are Wulfar, twins Errol and Orla, and Vesper. Thieves and Riflemen are the new units, as well. There’s a bunch of additional content like music and a new biome, too, and Chucklefish has also stated that the new gameplay is focused on co-op. Basically, this is a wealth of material just waiting for fans to come and experience it all. If you like strategy games, today might be the perfect day to look into giving Wargroove a download!

Source: Chucklefish Twitter Account

Source : http://www.nintendojo.com/news/wargroove-double-trouble-expansion-out-now

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