We Know When the PlayStation 5 Will Officially Be Coming – Timed to Fight Xbox Scarlett

We Know When the PlayStation 5 Will Officially Be Coming

It’s no secret that Sony has been working on their next-gen video game console, the PlayStation 5. After all, we’ve learned of most of the specifications already and how powerful of a gaming machine it will be. Now, we know when the console will be officially released.

Posted on the official PS Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially announced that the PS5 will be launching in late 2020, during the holiday season. This is the first time Sony has officially announced such a precise release window for its next-gen console. While many have expected as much, this is also officially the first time Sony confirmed their next-gen console will indeed be known as the PlayStation 5.

The blog post furthermore mentions how the PS5 controller will be using two new innovations. The first one is using haptic feedback instead of rumble. The second innovation will be “adaptive triggers” to make the L2 and R2 buttons programmable by developers. This will allow developers to change the resistance of the triggers depending on the in-game action they correspond to or the situation the player is currently in.

Apart from that, Sony has also confirmed that a number of game studios have already received early versions of the PS5 controller for game development purposes. It seems like Sony is targeting that release window so they can compete against the Xbox Scarlett. The company isn’t already giving up on the PS4 however.

The final paragraph of the blog post also mentions how the PS4 still has three major, Sony-backed titles coming soon: Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima. Many rumors or elements in the past pointed at these 3 games getting a PS5 release as well, so it’s probably not a coincidence they got mentioned there.

For now, we are expected to hear and see more about the PlayStation 5 as the release window draws near. For now, Holiday 2020 will be the one you should keep your eyes out for.

Source: PS Blog

Pokdepinion: I’m still glad that they didn’t choose to release it this year. Not just cost-wise but also because I would like them to not rush such major releases. Doing so might end up with unhappy consumers with broken consoles.

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