Wool Yoshi Amiibo Arrives!



It’s been a long time since I posted anything to this site, due to personal issue. For this post I decided to skip the video and just pictures to show you guys what I can get for my customers today.

Yes, is the newly launched Wool Yoshi Amiibo. Today is the new release of the Wii U title Yoshi’s Woolly World in Japan, and so it make sense they would release the Amiibos as well. In fact I had decided to collect one set (Green, Blue and Pink) for myself. Not only it is made from Wool (which is tad more expensive from the normal Amiibo), it can be use as accessories (which I think is pretty cool).




Hope you guys have a good weekend. Will update again when I receive my parcel from Japan by end of the month. This month I’ve been trying to mod my GBA with AGS-001 frontlight screen. Result?

No success. One fried AGB-001 motherboard and 3 spoiled AGS-001 frontlight screens (due to broken ribbon). Will try to make a video when I have succeeded to mod the GBA, so that you can do the same if you wish. Adios.

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