WWE 2K19 Titans Pack Now Officially Available – Featuring Bobby Lashley, EC3, and the War Raiders

by Aiman Maulana

WWE 2K19 Titans Pack Now Officially Available

The folks over at 2K has officially announced that the Titans Pack DLC for WWE 2K19 is now available for purchase. The Titans Pack DLC will allow you to play as some of the hardest hitting heavyweight in the WWE and NXT roster.

The Titans Pack DLC will allow gamers to play as Bobby Lashley, EC3 (Ethan Carter the 3rd), and both Rowe and Hanson from War Raiders. It will also include a new set of Towers that will test your skill with each DLC character across five different matches.

  • In Lashley Dominates, play as Bobby Lashley to dominate each opponent, starting with Sami Zayn;
  • In the Top 1% Tower, play as EC3 and prove you’re born and bred for success and fame by defeating all five opponents, including Sting;
  • In Rowe’s Raid, play as War Raider Rowe to raze the opposition and claim victory against all five opponents, including Montez Ford;
  • In Hanson’s War, play as War Raider Hanson and conquer all five opponents, including Angelo Dawkins, to emerge triumphant.

If you manage to reach certain tiers of points and complete the Tower, you will be earning in-game currency which can be used to purchase additional packs in WWE 2K19, such as taunts and new moves.

The WWE 2K19 Titans Pack DLC is now available for USD $9.99. There are more additional packs expected to come in late 2018 and early 2019.

Pokdepinion: I wonder if they’re gonna have Lio Rush along with Lashley or if it’s just gonna be him alone. Also, the idea of playing as former TNA / Impact wrestler EC3 is very intriguing.

Source : https://pokde.net/gaming/wwe-2k19-titans-pack-dlc/

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